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One 4th & two new 1st Degrees

A massive well done goes to the new Stoke Gifford degree grades. David Lear, Sophia Tang & Amine Debart.

All performed at a regional degree grading headed by Grand Master Nicholls, Miss Burridge, Mr Buxton & Mr Churchward in Abbeywood, Bristol on Saturday 7th April 2018.

Dave Lear 4th Degree

David Lear 4th Degree

S. Tang 1st Degree
Sophia Tang 1st Degree

A. Debart 1st Degree

Amine Debart 1st Degree 

The day began with a two hour Grand Master Nicholls seminar, attended by over 80 participants, which was as extremely physically demanding. The guys then had very a short break before a four hour grading which included patterns, self defence sparring & power breaking. The expectations from the Master examiners were high, & I’m pleased to say that they all excelled in their indomitable spirit & gave 100% to everything that was thrown at them.

GM Nicholls 2018

Some of the students then had a very short time to prepare before attending a banquet at the Hitlon Aztec West with Grand Master Nicholls where they were surprised to be presented with their results & new belts. The rest of the evening was left to relax & celebrate a very successful day.

SGTKD GM Nicholls 2018 

Many thanks as always goes to Laura Robertshaw for her fantastic photos.

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