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SWMA Competition RESULTS

Well done to Stoke Gifford Taekwon-do students that entered the SWMA Inter-club Competition in Sherborne held on Sunday 20th November 2016. All performed superbly to bring home 23 medals, 13 Gold, 6 Silver & 4 Bronze. Please see all that entered below;

SWMA trophies

Ollie Robertshaw – Gold Long Kick, Silver Patterns

William Lambern – Gold Long Kick, Gold Patterns, Gold Sparring

Lucie Robertshaw – Gold High Kick, Gold Patterns, Gold Sparring

Lewis Lambern – Bronze Patterns, Silver Sparring

Callum Brown – Bronze Sparring

Jack Armorgie – Gold Sparring

Harry Stone – Silver Patterns, Silver Sparring

Maddie Boyle Bronze Patterns

Asees Kaur – Gold High Kick

Divleen Kaur – Gold Sparring, Bronze Patterns

Penny Bishop – Participation Medal

Grace Boey – Gold Hick Kick, Silver 4 Corner Block

Tom Cousins – Silver Patterns

Johnny Shaw – Gold Long Kick, Gold 4 Corner Block

SWMA winners

Thanks to SWMA for organising & running.

Check out the Top competitor Leader board here

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