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Top Competitor 2014

This year at Stoke Gifford TKD we will be awarding top competitor trophies.
These trophies will go to the top adult, junior & cadet competitor of 2014.
Trophies will be awarded to the adult, junior & cadet who has the most points at the end of the year.

The points will be awarded as follows;

National UK ITF & International ITF competitions

  • 1 point for entry
  • 3 points for bronze
  • 5 points for silver
  • 7 points for gold

Non UK ITF & local competitions

  • 1 point for entry
  • 1 point for bronze
  • 3 points for silver
  • 5 points for gold


Cadet Leader Board
(12 & under)
Place Name Points
1st  Lucie Robertshaw  94
2nd  Esme McCarthy  81
3rd  William Lambern  62
4th  Maddie Boyle  47
5th  Jakob Heathcote  20
6th  Charmaine Patole  19
7th  James Holden  14
8th  Andrew Smee  12
8th  Daoud Debart  12
9th  Alexia Rodriguez-Hutson  11
10th  Frazer Brown  10
11th  Sophia Tang  9
12th  Mac Jones  8
13th  Harry Stone  7
13th  Mutale Katyoka  7
13th  Wilkie Brunt  7
13th  Amine Debart  7
13th  Carmela Jones  7
14th  Luke Brown  5
15th  Oliver Chandler-Bird  4
15th  Lewis Lambern  4
16th  Stamatis Lomvardos  3
17th  Ellis White  2
17th  Giorgia White  2
18th  Ryan Tang  1
18th  Sahib Singh  1
18th  Connor Frankom  1
18th  Charlie Pearce-Ward  1
18th  Andrew Baker  1
Junior Leader Board
Place Name Points
1st  Emily Oakes  102
2nd  Ollie Robertshaw  52
3rd  Joseph Elson  37
4th  Phoebe Grandfield  29
5th  Chloe Baker-Attwood  8
5th  Ben Baker-Attwood  8
6th  Callum Brown  3
Adult Leader Board
Place Name Points
1st  Phoebe Grandfield  52
2nd  Sarah Baker-Attwood  39
3rd  Beth Martin  22
3rd  Jake Thomas 20
4th  Laura Robertshaw  6
4th  Samir Bellani  6
5th  Jenni Brown  2
6th  Fabrice Debart  1

Students of the Year 2013

Little Lions

Carmela Little Lion

Little Lion of the Year 2013

Carmela Jones

Ethan little lion

Most Improved Little Lion 2013

Ethan Chan

Cadets & Juniors


Cadet Junior student of the Year 2013

Esme McCarthy

Most Improved Cadet 2013

Niamh Jones

Kieran McDermott

Junior Student of the year 2013

Kieran McDemott

Ben Baker-Attwood

Most Improved Junior 2013

Ben Baker-Attwood


Jenni Brown

Student of the Year 2013

Jenni Brown

John Vennard

Most Improved student 2013

John Vennard

Phoebe Grandfield

Students  Student 2013

Phoebe Grandfield



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